Rick Taylor (Tenor)

2023 to 2024

Rick Taylor is known in this hobby as a “barbershop brat”, Dad was also a barbershopper. In fact, his dad was also a barber. 

Through his almost 55 years in The Society, Rick has sung with choruses and quartets, and performed and emceed on 100s of shows, glows and conventions.

Choruses; Holds 1 International Gold medal and 2 Bronze medals with the Alexandria Harmonizers. 

Quartets; all have been on the international stage: Preservation Quartet, Arcade, Free Trade Agreement, BSQ, Riptide, Old School and is competing with new quartet, Legacy in Louisville. Rick is the proud owner of 8 International Bronze quartet medals, singing different voice parts

Family quartets; Singing in his first quartet with his dad in the Virginia Gentleman, then with his nephew in Taylor Made Quartet within the last few years.

 -Directed 2 mens’ choruses, Fairfax Jubil-Aires and the Chorus of the Chesapeake. competing along with them on the International stage 3 times. Took CoC to International stage 2007 for the 1st time since 1971, when they won the international for the 2nd time.

 -Directed 2 Sweet Adelines choruses. Norfolk Sweet Adelines, and the Upper Chesapeake Chorus from Bel Air, MD, where they competed on the international stage 3 times. 

When Rick isn’t busy singing, directing or emceeing shows or contests, he coaches choruses and quartets, from beginners to international competitors. He is a Regional Director for Harmony Foundation International and lives in Bel Air, MD with his wife Susan (also a barbershop brat).