Watch and Listen

Here are our virtual songs that we have posted to YouTube over the past year during the pandemic. To see them all, and to get notice of any new ones that are posted, click here to go to our YouTube channel, where you can subscribe.
Our first effort, honoring the fallen.
Our second effort, honoring the graduates.
Our third song, for Father's Day.
Our fourth song, for Independence Day.
Our song for Labor Day!
Our song for Veterans Day
Our song for Christmas!
Our song for April Fool's Day, 2021.
Our song for Mother's Day, 2021.


We are working now on our next song, Bare Necessities, so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you won't miss any songs we post in the future. We are also working on a joint song, A Whole New World, with the Bella Nova Chorus.