Welcome - We're the Fairfax Jubilaires!
Keep the whole world singing
Friendship and harmony!
We offer Singing Valentines every February!
We sing in sunshine and the snow
What's that - you'd like to sing with us? Great!
Yes,we are finding ways to sing together again!

"In person singing is back - Join Us!" Every Wednesday evening at 7:30 For the next two weeks, we will rehearse at the Silverline Building, 7900 Westpark Drive, McLean

During the pandemic, we didn't stop singing.  For over a year we met every Wednesday evening on Zoom and created "virtual" songs that we posted on YouTube. In one year, we posted 9 virtual songs. Our most recent song, posted for Mother's Day, was "A Whole New World", where we collaborated with the Bella Nova Chorus. Click here to view that song. And if you want to see all of our songs, click here and subscribe to our channel. Starting in December of 2020, we found a safe way to sing together from the comfort of our cars. Using wireless microphones to transmit our voices to a control car and receiving back the mixed sound of all the voices via FM headsets, "Carbershop Carmony" allowed us to avoid the lag time that makes it impossible to sing together with Zoom. And we got to see each other in person (well, "in car"). Within months we were meeting in parking garages, both to avoid weather problems and to allow us to step out of our cars, maintaining lots of distance, but hearing each other without headphones due to the resonance in such structures. Finally, in May of 2021, vaccinated members started gathering, with plenty of distancing, in the 5,000 square foot Performance Hall at the Sherwood Hall Community Center in Fairfax. AND NOW WE ARE REHEARSING EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING AT 7:30 PM AT THE SILVERLINE BUILDING, 7900 WESTPARK DRIVE, McLEAN, VA. WE HOPE TO BE BACK AT LORD OF LIFE LUTHERAN CHURCH IN CLIFTON STARTING SEPTEMBER 8. JOIN US!

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