Singing Telegrams


Delivered personally. Loved ones too far away? Don't worry. "We go where the web goes!"  

Birthdays come and birthdays go, but wouldn't you like to make someone's birthday special this year? If you do, why not let the Jubil-Aires help?  Start planning with us now to arrange for a dashing barbershop quartet to show up at someone's home, work, school, or restaurant to present a card, flowers, balloons, or whatever you decide, along with a couple songs chosen from our repertoire and, of course, a rousing 4-part rendition of Happy Birthday! To start planning now just call (571-307-4301) or email ([email protected]) Gerry Grimes to get the ball rolling. Prices are dependent on the quartets' normal fees and the cost of whatever extras are provided.

If you want to send a special birthday greeting to someone who is not in this geographic area, we can also work with you to prepare a Singing Telegram, complete with pictures and special wishes that you provide. To see an example, click on this YouTube link:  We will work with you to create a "Virtual Singing Telegram" that will make any birthday special! These virtual Singing Telegrams can be sent via a private YouTube link or shown via "share screen" on a Zoom call. Prices are reasonable and are dependent on the number of pictures included in the Singing Telegram and method of delivery.

But wait, birthdays aren't the only Singing Telegrams we can provide. We have songs for anniversaries, Mother's Day, graduations, engagements, retirements, and just about any occasion that you want to celebrate. We have so many songs to choose from, and we can offer songs by quartets or by the whole chorus. To see what a chorus offering might look like, visit our public YouTube channel and look at all the songs we produced virtually during the pandemic. Just imagine any of these songs with your pictures and messages replacing the pictures and messages that are there now.

We're not done! If you really want to plan a party that includes family and friends who are scattered all over and cannot get together physically, let me prepare a special Zoom party for you. We can let you and your loved ones access our Zoom account for as long as you would like (no 40 minute limit since we have a pro account), and we can work with you to provide the entertainment. Whether we help you put together a whole Power Point presentation or just share screen for a couple songs is up to you. We will work with you to develop a fun and memorable party at a very affordable price.

Don't delay. Start planning with us early, and you won't be disappointed.