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Shameless owes its name to our lead, Chris Susalka, who really is "shameless." The quartet started with the registered name "No Vices" and competed its first year as a "Novice" quartet. Winning the Novice competition in our first contest meant we had to come up with a different name. At one of our rehearsals with Coach Richard Lewellen, something that Chris said prompted Richard to say, "Chris, you are shameless!"  Instantly, we all knew that "Shameless" would be the perfect name for our quartet.

Over the years, we traveled to Nashville to make a CD, traveled to Las Vegas for the International Barbershop Harmony Society Convention, and traveled all over singing for appreciative audiences. 

The Shameless repertoire covers a wide range of songs, from patriotic songs (see below about the prior military service of Shameless members) to love songs to comedy songs to traditional barbershop fare. Four years in a row, the Baltimore Orioles invited the quartet to sing the National Anthem at one of their games, and one year they even had us singing God Bless American on top of the Orioles dugout during the 7th inning stretch. 

After a few years not being able to sing together, Shameless has found time recently to once again connect and ring some chords. We love to sing and entertain, so if you need some excellent and fun entertainment, this is the quartet for you.

A note about our members. Tenor, Phil Merkel, is a retired Air Force pilot who once brought a picture to practice of an enemy bulldozer he blew up in Viet Nam with a single bomb. And that was back when the bombs were dumb and the pilots were smart. Dale Bird, our bass, was in the Army and once blew up an enemy bulldozer with a single bullet. Chris was in the Navy and tried to blow up and enemy bulldozer, but he burnt his lips on the tailpipe. Cliff was a lawyer in the Marine Corps, and he is going to sue the bulldozer company because there was no warning sign on the tailpipe.

Seriously, we will go to any lengths to entertain our audiences.