Advertise in our program!

The Jubil-Aires have a long tradition of putting on annual shows, and this year - 2022 - will be our 64th annual show. If you would like to advertise in this year's program, time is running out, so be sure to place your ad today. Simply send an email to: [email protected] and tell him what size ad you would like - business card size (1/3 of a page), a half page or a whole page. If you are interested in a color ad (as opposed to B&W), indicate that in your email, and Phil will see if one is still available.

Click here to see some example pages from our 2019 program (the last time we had an annual show).

And click here to see our ad contract. (Our very reasonable prices, which have not gone up despite inflation, are listed on the contract.)

If you need help designing an ad, our program creator, Bill McDonald, is the man for you. Phil can put you in touch with him, and he can help you design the perfect ad.