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Rated PG took its name from the fact that 3 of the members live in the Potomac Green (PG) community in Ashburn, VA. Tenor Phil Merkel is a retired Air Force pilot who is used to being up high. As he is fond of say, "It takes a real man to sing like a girl." Bass Ray LaTurno is a retired Naval Aviator who usually flew above the waves but doesn't mind going for the low notes. Lead Cliff Shoemaker spent some time in the Marine Corps ("Once a Marine, always a Marine!") so doesn't mind "leading" the way. If you're wondering how a quartet could possibly represent all 5 branches of the military, never fear. Baritone (bari) Don Johnson spent time in the Army before transferring to and retiring from the Coast Guard. So you can see that these four gentlemen have a lot in common.

The other thing Rated PG members have in common is their love of singing and entertaining. If you are planning a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement, holiday, corporate, or any other kind of party, we can work with you to provide a tailored package of entertainment that fits the occasion.