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Sherwood Hall Rehearsal

Our May 12, 2021 rehearsal saw 20 fully vaccinated singers singing safely distanced in the 5,000 square foot Performance Hall at the Sherwood Hall Community Center in Fairfax. Jim Barrett set up microphones to pick up the singers and provide some additional feedback with a couple speakers. Co-Director John Knueven led the chorus through many of our repertoire songs, as we work to get back to being performance ready. The event was broadcast on Zoom for members unable to attend. We look forward to  being back in this space on June 1, June 17, and July 1. Interspersed with this will be Zoom meetings on May 19, May 26, June 9, and June 23. And who knows, we may throw in some Carbershop Carmony in a parking lot or parking garage.

"Carbershop Carmony"

The Jubil-Aires began meeting every Wednesday on Zoom starting April 1, 2020. Our Director, Richard Lewellen, provided outstanding content that helped us to continue learning about our genre of music, our history, and how to improve as a chorus and as individuals. It wasn't long, however, before the desire to experience some good close harmony prompted us to invest in equipment that allowed us to sing "together" from the safety of our cars. This technology allowed us to not only stay safe from the Covid virus but also to stay safe from the weather.